The Land, Poles on the Road

Polacy na drodze, 2021, 11 min. 51 sec.

The Land, Poles On The Road (2021)


Director Maciej Slesicki
Screenplay Maciej Slesicki
Cinematography Mateusz Pastewka
Music Pawel Skorupka
Production Design Oliwia Waligora
Producers Michal Kujawa, Maciej Slecicki


Policman Maniek Krzysztof Stroinski
Driver Remigiusz Jankowski
Policeman Bartlomiej Nowosielski
BMW driver Jakub Onichowski


The first part of the The Land revolves around a frustrated traffic cop with a grudge against drivers in Poland. An encounter with a reckless driver provides him with an opportunity to take his own revenge. It turns out that the protagonist’s family died in a car accident caused by a roadhog.