The Last Action

Ostatnia akcja, 2009, 95 min.

The Last Action (2009)

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Director Michal Rogalski
Screenplay Michal Rogalski, Krzysztof Rak
Cinematography Karina Kleszczewska
Music Jan Komar, Piotr Zabrodzki
Art Director Magdalena Wodelska-wladyka
Producer Juliusz Machulski
Zygmunt “Malolat” Zuber,
Mateusz’s Grandfather
Jan Machulski
Kazik “Kotek” Iwanowski Marcin Kociniak
Jozek „Rotor” Witold Skaruch
Karpiuk „Czujny” Lech Ordon
Wlodek Wojciech Siemion
Ensign „Goga” Rogujska Barbara Krafftowna
Colonel Dowgird Alina Janowska
Layer Szaro Piotr Fronczewski
Mateusz Zuber, Grandson Szymon Myslakowski
Daughter-in-low Malgorzata Potocka
Robert Malinowski Antoni Pawlicki
A young man looses his job in a club run by an influential gangster. When he demands to be paid his last salary, he is severely beaten up. He reports it to the police. The investigation is assigned to an officer who has mafia connections. The grandfather of the beaten man happens to come to Warsaw to meet with his friends from the Warsaw Uprising. Together with his former comrades, he decides to take revenge on the offenders.