The Last Mission

Ostatnia misja, 1999, 95 min.

The Last Mission (1999)";


Director Wojciech Wojcik
Screenplay Wojciech WojcikWitold Horwath
Cinematography Piotr Wojtowicz
Music Grzegorz Skawinski
Art Direction Barbara Ostapowicz
Producer(s) Kazimierz Sioma
Andre Kostynowitz Peter J. Lucas
Police Inspector Janusz Gajos
Muran Piotr Fronczewski
Myszkowski Artur Zmijewski
Kostynowitz’s Daughter Ewa Gorzelak
Bruno Miroslaw Baka
Kowal Pawel Wilczak
Banker Szymon Bobrowski

Paris, 1990’s Kostynowitz, a professional killer of Polish descent, highly respected by French authorities, gets the last order. His target is one of the most wanted Arab terrorists. Then a few years elapse… Kostynowitz works as a private detective in Paris who seemingly gave up his former profession. He decides to visit a family country where he left some unfinished business years ago. His old mate from the Foreign Legion makes him an offer: one million francs for killing Muran, Polish businessman who disappointed his powerful superiors in France. Kostanowitz is not willing to accept the job, but…