The Lesser of Two Evils

Mniejsze zło, 2009, 110 min.

The Lesser of Two Evils (2009)

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Polish Eagle Award
Best Actor in Supporting Role for Janusz Gajos


Director Janusz Morgenstern
Screenplay Janusz Morgenstern, Janusz Anderman
(based on the novel by Janusz Anderman)
Cinematography Andrzej Ramlau
Music Michal Lorenc
Art Director Andrzej Halinski
Producer Janusz Morgenstern
Kamil Leslaw Zurek
Kamil’s Mother Anna Romantowska
Kamil’s Father Janusz Gajos
Patient Wojciech Pszoniak
Actress Magdalena Cielecka
Doctor Tamara Arciuch
Mareczek Borys Szyc
Civilian Olaf Lubaszenko
Priest Krzysztof Kolberger

1980. Kamil, a student of Polish philology, publishes an experimental poem in a prestigious periodical. The world around is engulfed in the Solidarity revolution; everyone is required to choose on which side of the barricade one stands. The image of a rebellious opposition writer is very tempting, but to maintain this position one has to… write. However, the creative inspiration abandons our hero; he does not do his best at his studies either.
In order to avoid being conscripted, Kamil is taken to a psychiatric hospital for observation. There, he comes across the manuscript of an excellent novel left behind by an oversensitive roommate who committed suicide. Nobody but Kamil knows about the existence of the masterpiece…