The Lilpop Sisters and Their Passions

Siostry Lilpop i ich miłości, 2005, 63 min.

The Lilpop Sisters and Their Passions (2005)


Director Bozena Garus-hockuba
Screenplay Ewa Nawoj, Bozena Garus-Hockuba
Cinematography Jerzy Sobocinski
Producer Bozena Garus-Hockuba, Renata Lukasik
Read by: Danuta Stenka and Krzysztof Kolberger

The story of the four Lilpop sisters from a well-know family in prewar Warsaw. This film, full of splendid archival footage, presents the lives of Halina, the wife of the world famous conductor Artur Rodzinski; Felicja, the wife of the pianist and industrialist Kazimierz Krance; Aniela, the wife of Witold Mieczyslawski, a prewar Minister of Foreign Affairs, and then married to Edward Raczynski, the President of the Republic of Poland in-exile; and Maria, the wife of the celebrated writer Zbigniew Unilowski. It is the portrayal of their more or less happy relationships. The movie, in focusing around a series of private histories, also reveals significant aspects of Polish history from pre-war times to the realities of the post-war immigrant community.