The Lost Time

Stracony czas, 2008, 19 min.

The Lost Time (2008)


Director Romy Stepniewska
Screenplay Romy Stepniewska
Cinematography Marek Januszewicz
Music Slawomir Adamek
Art Direction Piotr Jakubek
Anna Malgorzata Lewinska
Ewa Anna Kozka
Julian Tomasz Kammel
Jerzy Slawomir Grzymkowski
Little Ewa Amelia Guziuk

This is a short story about a universal problem: unravelling connections between growing children and their parents: in this case between a divorced mother, Anna (Malgosia Lewinska) and her daughter Ewa (Anna Kozka). The movie tells us about a woman who lost contact with her daughter because of her relationship with Julian (Tomasz Kammel). It attempts to show us that this could be everyone’s problem and about the importance of keeping in touch with our families and not losing the time that has been given to us.