The Lost Town of Switez

Switeź, 2010, 21 min.

The Lost Town of Switez (2010)

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Palm Springs International Shortfest
First Place in Animation Category

Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Short Film Category
Award for a first film

Las Palmas International Film Festival
Grand Prix in Short Film Category


Director Kamil Polak
Screenplay Kamil Polak
(based on epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz)
Music Irina Bogdanovich
Producers Stanislaw Dziedzic, Zbigniew Zmudzki, Kamil Polak
A man travels by horse and carriage through the night. The coachman drives the horses on. A storm threatens. The darkness is penetrated by strange lights. Suddenly, the horses take fright: there is a woman standing in the middle of the road – but then she vanishes. The man is startled, the carriage collapses, riders aim burning arrows at the forest. The man runs and runs. He falls into a deep lake – and into the past.