The Man Who Snuck into Auschwitz: Witold Pilecki

2017, 10 min.

The Man Who Snuck into Auschwitz: Witold Pilecki (2017)

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Director David Hirschhorn,
Jackson Hammond
Screenplay David Hirschhorn,
Jackson Hammond
Cinematography David Hirschhorn,
Jackson Hammond
Music Samuel Barber,
Erik Satie,
Frederic Chopin
Producer(s) David Hirschhorn,
Jackson Hammond
This is an inspiring and informative documentary profiling a spectacular individual. It weaves together Witold Pilecki’s bravery with the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. It uses historical context and details about Pilecki’s life to convey his amazing and courageous actions. It details the short and long term impacts of Pilecki. The documentary shows how one person can stand up to such injustice and be an inspiration for others now and in the future.