The Mole

Kret, 2010, 108 min.

The Mole (2010)

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Arras International Film Festival, France
Audience Award; Franch Film Critics Award

International Film Festival RegioFun
First Prize

Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Hollywood Eagle Award

Montreal World Film Festival
Best Actor Award for Borys Szyc

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Best Supporting Actor Award for Marian Dziedziel


Director Rafael Lewandowski
Screenplay Iwo Kardel, Rafael Lewandowski
Cinematography Piotr Rosolowski
Jérôme Rebotier
Production Designer Jerzy Talik
Producers Marcin WierzchoslawskiJacek Kucharski


Paweł Borys Szyc
Zygmunt Marian Dziedziel
Ewa Magdalena Czerwinska
Garbarek Wojciech Pszoniak
Tadeusz SŁawomir Orzechowski
Union Chief Bartlomiej Topa
Rysiek Jerzy Janeczek
Jan Dariusz Szymor


The Mole is one of the first narrative features that directly examine the painful process of “lustration.” The archives of the secret police were never therefore made open to the public: the legislation governing these archives has changed several times, but access to the files of former collaborators with the regime is still very limited. Nevertheless, every public official in Poland is required to sign a “declaration of non-collaboration” with the former secret police. Known as “lustration”, this process of bringing the truth to light is the source of many controversies and scandals.

Set in today’s Poland, this political and psychological thriller is also universal in its treatment of the consequences of “lustration” in the private sphere, between a father and son.