The Parish Priest of Majdanek

Proboszcz Majdanka, 2005, 51 min.

The Parish Priest of Majdanek (2005)


Director Grzegorz Linkowski
Screenplay Grzegorz Linkowski
Cinematography Jerzy Rudzinski
Music Vlad Kuryluk


This film portrays the unusual figure of Father Emilian Kowcza – a Greek-Catholic priest, pronounced blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Lwow.

This priest was active in the underground during the time of occupation by two totalitarian regimes: Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. He often found himself in the midst of quarreling Polish, Ukranian and Jewish neighbors. The life of Father Kowcza, his work and martyrdom provide a unique opportunity to bring together these different cultures (Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish). He died in Majdanka in 1944 – sharing the fate of many thousands put to death in the gas chambers of the camp.