The Reservation

Skansen, 2020, 22min. 7 sec.
The Reservation (2020)

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Directors Adam Andrzejewski, Karolina Pielesiak
Screenplay Adam Andrzejewski, Karolina Pielesiak
Cinematography Adam Andrzejewski
Art Director Dorota Lacek-Gorczyca
Producer Radoslaw Topalski
Klara Eliza Rycembel
Ana Karolina Pielesiak
Roman Tomasz Wlosek
Mystery Girl Natalia Szymaniec
Victor Tomasz Ciachorowski

Near future, natural environment is slowly dying and people are using augmented reality to make their lives look prettier. Young influencer Clara (Eliza Rycembel) arrives at the facility offering simple life without any modern technology in an imitated XIX century village, but soon she discovers inconvenient truth about the real purpose of The Reservation (Skansen).