The Reverse

Rewers, 2009, 99 min.

The Reverse (2009)

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“Wisła” Polish Film Festival in Moscow
White Elephant Award

Moscow International Film Festival
Silver George for best film of the “Perspectives” Competiton

Polish Eagle Awards
Best Film, Best Actress for Agata Buzek, Best Screenplay for Andrzej Brat, Best Actress in Supporting Role for Anna Polany, Best Music for Wlodek Pawlik, Best Art Director for Magdalena Dipont and Robert Czesak, Best Costumes for Magdalena Biedrzycka

Warsaw International Film Festival

Bronze Frog (Brazowa Zaba) for Marcin Koszalka

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Golden Lion, Best Actress Award for Agata Buzek; Best Supporting Actor for Marcin Dorocinski; Best Cinematography Award for Marcin Koszalka; Best Music Award for Wlodek Pawlik


Director Borys Lankosz
Screenplay Andrzej Bart
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music Wlodek Pawlik
Art Director Magdalena Dipont, Robert Czasak
Producer Jerzy Kapuscinski


Sabina Agata Buzek
Sabinas’s Mother Krystyna Janda
Sabina’s Grandmother Anna Polony
Bronislaw Marcin Dorocinski
Mr. Jozef Adam Woronowicz
Arkadiusz Lukasz Konopka

The year is 1952. In the middle of the capital, the foundations of the Palace of Culture are being raised. Sabina has just turned thirty and her mother is trying to find her a husband. Her grandmother has rated the candidates yet Sabina isn’t interested in any of them. One day in dramatic circumstances, she meets Bronislaw, a young man with the looks of a peasant movie star. The man is vulgar yet Sabina falls for him… His presence begins a series of surprising events that will change the lives of the three ladies.