The Ruby Wedding

Rubinowe gody, 2008, 44 min.

The Ruby Wedding (2008)

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Director Andrzej Mankowski
Screenplay Andrzej Mankowski
Cinematography Krzysztof Kowalski
Music Tomasz Stroynowski
Art Direction Sabina Czuprynska
Producer(s) Andrzej Mankowski


Anka Karolina Adamczyk
Kazimierz Adam Kazimierz Trela
Mundek Bogdan Smagacki
Ilonka Karolina Piechota

The main characters of this contemporary comedy are Anka, a Karate Kyokusin master, her husband Mundek, a great pianist, and Kazimierz, a pensioner living alone above Anka and Mundek’s flat. Together with Kazimierz we listen to the sounds of the rich erotic life of his neighbors. However, in the end nothing turns out the way it seemed at first sight.