The Simple Story About Love

Prosta historia o miłości, 2010, 80 min.

The Simple Story About Love (2010)

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Director Arkadiusz Jakubik
Screenplay Maciej Sobieszczanski
Cinematography Miroslaw Jakubik
Music Jaroslaw Wojcik
Art Director Wlodzimierz Szyrle
Producers Wieslaw Lysakowski, Arkadiusz Jakubik


Marta Magdalena Poplawska
Aleks Rafal Mackowiak
Angela Ewa Lorska
Edward Jacek Lenartowicz
Second Director Andrzej Andrzejewski
Patryk Berger Bartlomiej Topa
Ewa Edyta Olszowka
Screenwriter Arkadiusz Jakubik


Two writers, on the way to Hel by train, are trying to create a film’s storyline – a simple story about love. So we have a woman (Marta) and a man (Aleks) and the story of their unintentional meeting on the first day of summer, on the way from Łódź Kaliska to Hel. Aleks and Marta begin a conversation, at first trivial and ordinary, which eventually turns into something more.