The Tenement Building

Kamienica, 2013, 13 min.

The Tenement Building (2013)


Director Agnieszka Burszewska
Screenplay Agnieszka Burszewska
Cinematography Agnieszka Burszewska, Mateusz Michalak
Animation Adam Wyrwas, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Agnieszka Burszewska
Music Renata Baszun, Maciej Mulawa
Producers Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak

Black comedy dealing with world without love problem. It is dilapidated, the tenants are not very well-off, and what is more they don’t have enough food. They are very kind to each other, and cultivate good manners. However, their behavior is marked by artificiality and exaggeration, caused by the specific tradition they cultivate. The biggest problem in the tenement is the lack of food. The restaurant, is the only place where animals can eat. In the world full of competition and hostility, the lack of food is the big problem. Eating food leads to temporarily satisfy the desires. The gluttony is the biggest sin which can cause imminent doom.