The Third

Trzeci, 2004, 95 min.

The Third (2004)

Viareggio IFF, 2005
“Platinium Award ” for the Best Actor for Marek Kondrat

Pecs Student Film Festival, 2006
Student’s Jury Award


Director Jan Hryniak
Screenplay Wojciech Ziminski
Cinematography Marek Rajca
Music Wojciech Waglewski
Art Director Katarzyna Hyncz, Tomasz Stasinski
Producer Kazimierz Rozwalka
Stary Marek Kondrat
Pawel Jacek Poniedzialek
Ewa Magdalena Cielecka

Pawel and Ewa, two young yuppies, are spending their perfect and long planned holiday on a yacht. Ewa, an attractive and intelligent and charming woman, is slightly tired and bored with life full on nothing but work. The yacht cruise is intended as some sort of renewal of their relationship. Unfortunately, Paweł has to break this holiday. A multi-million contract seems to be much more important. Ewa sees a newly met elderly man as lover and connoisseur of life. He intends to help the couple, but dose it against their will and using some radical methods.