The Touch of an Angel

Dotknięcie anioła, 2015, 59 min.

The Touch of an Angel (2015)

Monaco International Film Festival
Angel Peace Award

Rijeka History Film Festival
Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Cinematography

Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival
Grand Prix

Kansas Universal Film Festival
Best Documentary

TMC London Film Festival
Best Foreign Documentary

Vancouver Metamora Film Festival
Best Documentary

Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award

Aegeandocs Internationa Documentary Film Festival, Grece
Best Documentary

Award of Excellence

Worldfest Independent Film Festival, Houston
Gold Remi

New York Festivals
Gold Medal

Roma Cinema DOC
Special Distinqiush


Director Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
Screenplay Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
Cinematography Jacek Januszk
Art Director Andrzej Czyczylo
Music Michal Lorenc
Producer Malgorzata Walczak
Himself Henryk Schoenker
Mother, Mina Schoenker Marta Poplawska
Father, Leon Schoenker Piotr Pomaszewski
Henio Schoenker Karol Kleczar
Lusia Schoenker Zuzanna Dudek
John Gottowt Bogdan Lecznar
Angel Wlodzimierz Nowotarski
Henryk Schoenker, a son of the last leader of the Jewish Community in Oswiecim

It is a very personal, poetic memoir of a deaf man who returns to the places where he found refuge as a Jewish boy during WWII. He finds his hiding places and bunkers still standing, bringing back horrific memories. The film emphasizes the role of Poles in saving persecuted Jews and indifference of the international community at large in the face of Nazi threats.