The Trap

Pułapka, 1997, 110 min..

The Trap (1997)


Director Adek Drabinski
Screenplay Adek Drabinski
Cinematography Przemyslaw Skwirczynski
Music Janusz Stoklasa
Art Direction Wojciech Saloni-Marchwewski
Maciek Adamski Marek Kondrat
Ewka Joanna Benda
Aleksander Szuster Boguslaw Linda
Robert ‘Bobek’ Burski Zbigniew Zamachowski
Canary Anita Lipnicka
Iwona Babol Dorota Pomykala
Maciek Adamski vel Mickey Adams is a born loser, and an actor. He is coming back home to Poland after a fruitless 12 year long American acting “career”. He is desperate to be on the stage again, but now things are different. Everything has changed. The Poland he once left does not exist anymore. Soon his debts grow rapidly. When he finally loses borrowed money on the horses, the local mafia demands its money back and threatens to kill him. Out of work and chased by local gangsters, Mickey gets an unexpected offer of work from an old time friend. The work seems to be an easy “piece of cake” – looking after someone’s merchandise. On his arrival it becomes apparent that the merchandise is bootlegged alcohol, stacks of it. His “piece of cake” job becomes yet another worry. What’s more, indiscriminately he gets involved in a fishy plot…