Three Buddies

Trzech kumpli, 2008, 107 min. and 30 sec.

Three Buddies (2008)


Polish Journalists Association
Andrzej Woyciechowski Award
Freedom of Speech Award


Director Ewa Stankiewicz,
Anna Ferens
Screenplay Ewa Stankiewicz,
Anna Ferens
Cinematography Piotr Niemyjski
Music Michal Lorenc
Character1 Bronislaw Wildstein
Character2 Leslaw Maleszka
Young Bronislaw Wildstein Mojciech Wachuda
Young Stanislaw Pyjas Mariusz Duda
Young Leslaw Maleszka Andrzej Poniedzialek

Three Buddies – one murdered, the other a traitor, the third still fighting for the truth. Outstanding minds. No surprise that after almost twenty years they became publicists and co-founders of national daily newspapers: Leslaw Maleszka became an editor in Gazeta Wyborcza, Bronislaw Wildstein in Rzeczpospolita and Stanislaw Pyjas – if he were alive, maybe he’d also be a journalist or a poet. He was probably killed by the Secret Police. His murderers have never been sentenced. Three Buddies is a true story of a friendship in communist Poland.