Fikolek, 2019, 29 min.
Tumble (2019)


Director Milena Dutkowska
Screenplay Milena Dutkowska
Cinematography Piotr Pawlus
Music Adam Sypka
Art Director Milena Dutkowska, Maja Piechowiak
Producers Anna Stando, Anna Jaskolska


Angel Mirek Bartlomiej Firlet
Adam Piotr Polak
Adam’s Mother Anna Dymna
Director Of Angels Jerzy Rogulski
Archive Employee Bartosz Turzynski


Thirty-two-year-old Adam still lives with his over-caring mother. Their everyday life is filled with rituals of obedience and interdependence. Everything changes when one-night Adam begins to be accompanied by a man in a gray suit visible only to him.