Ubu the King

Ubu Kól, 2003, 95 min.

Unu the King (2003)

Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2003
Best Actress Award for Katarzyna Figura


Director Piotr Szulkin
Screenplay Piotr Szulkin (based bn Ubu the King” by Alfred Jarry)
Cinematography Dariusz Kuc
Music Pre Existing
Art Director Agnieszka Zawadowska
Producer Iwona Cichowska
Ubu Jan Peszek
Ubica Katarzyna Figura
Pissedoux Krzysztof Kowalewski
Kapelan Zofia Satetok
Kwiaciarka Maria Ciunelis
Merdenpot Wojciech Siemion
Fioderovitch Marek Siudym
Captain Bardior Olgierd Lukaszewicz
Ubu, pleasing the mob and toadying to influential people, violently seizes the power in the counrty under thr slogans of the fight for freedom and democracy. His stupid and cruel rules follow only one principle: to make his pile. His reforms are absurd, the citizens are getting poorer and the state treasury is empty. Ubu, surrounded by yes-men, strengthen terror. Incited by foreign ambassadors, he goes on the with the Russia tsar and loses. The people banish Ubu and his wife. The tsar comes to the capitol and, with the Russian ambassadors, chooses a new queen in hope to turn into a puppet ruler. Overthrown Ubu hides in a neighboring country and, full of vigour, knows that people like him will always fall on their feet.