Warsaw: A City Divided

Warszawa: Miasto podzielone, 2019, 70 min.

Warsaw: A City Divided (2019)

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Director Eric Bednarski
Screenplay Eric Bednarski
Cinematography Jacek Petrycki, Jerzy Rudzinski, Magda Kowalczyk
Music Daniel Bloom
Producer Dorota Przylubska
Irena Agata Boldok, Krystyna Budnicka, Jozef Hen, Zygmunt Walkowski, Israel Gutman (1923-2013), Eleonora Bergman, Beata Chomatowska, Niels Gutschow, Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Jakub Szczesny

In 1941 soon after the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis, a Polish amateur filmmaker shot a remarkable 10-minute 8mm film from both sides of the Ghetto walls. This never before seen footage is woven into Warsaw: A City Divided, acting as a silent witness to the tragedy of the wartime division of the city and the murder of its inhabitants. Ghetto survivors and witnesses recount their extraordinary memories, while architects and urban-historians examine the chilling Nazi vision for Warsaw. By interweaving rich material from the past with glimpses of present-day Warsaw, both its human face and its urban fabric, Warsaw: A City Divided affirms the importance–and the difficulty–of remembering.