Warszawa, 2003, 104 min.

Warsaw (2003)

Film Festival Gdynia
Golden Lion – Grand Prix
Best Director for Dariusz Gajewski,
Best Editing for Jaroslaw Barzan,
Best Screenplay for Dariusz Gajewski
and Mateusz Bednarski,
 Best Supporting Actress for Dominika Ostalowska


Director Dariusz Gajewski
Screenplay Dariusz Gajewski, Mateusz Bednarkiewicz
Cinematography Wojciech Szepel
Music Kormorany (michal Litwiniec, Pawel Czepulkowski, Jacek Fedorowicz)
Art Director Ewira Pluta
Producer Andrzej Serdiukow, Janusz Kijowski
Klara Agnieszka Grochowska
Pawel Lukasz Garlicki
Wiktoria Dominika Ostalowska
Andrzej Lech Mackieiwicz
Father Slawomir Orzechowski
It’s winter and five complete strangers have found their way to Warsaw. Despite its crippling temperature, Warsaw bustles with close to two million people, but today only the lives of these five people matter. Each is looking for something different but will find more than each bargained for before the day is finished. Klara just left her boyfriend and is looking to start over when she meets Pawel, an orphan searching for work. Jan is desperately looking for his daughter, and Wiktonia finds a little adventure when she hitches a ride with Andrzej, a clean-cut bachelor of few words. A near tragedy, a car accident, causes their lives to intersect for a brief moment before they once again go off on their separate ways.