What the Sun Has Seen

Co słonko widziało, 2006, 108 min.

What the Sun Has Seen (2006)

PFF Gdynia 2006
Special Jury Prizex

Michal Rosa’s complex vision of morality contrasts painfully with the innocence of the title… [as] the interwoven storylines seem headed toward an apocalyptic finale.
T. Sobolewski, Gazeta Wyborcza

Solid Polish criss-crossing melodrama impresses with its sure-footed but deliberate pacing. Strong performances based in gritty realism and appealing lensing make this ideal fest fare.
Russell Edwards, Variety (2/14/07)


Director Michal Rosa
Screenplay Michal Rosa
Cinematography Andrzej Szulkowski, Bartek Kaczmarek
Music Mateusz Pospieszalski
Art Director Jerzy Talik
Producer Henryk Romanowski
Sebastian Dominik Hrynkiewicz
Marta Dominika Kluzniak
Jozef Krzysztof Stroinski
Sebastian’s Father Tomasz Sapryk
Jozef’s Wife Jadwiga Jankowska
Brunette Kinga Preis
Marta’s Mother Malgorzata Hajewska
Hot, sunny days in July 2005 in a big Silesian city. Three people who know nothing about each another: young Sebastian, teenage Marta and Józef. Life makes these people go beyond to get money – a sum not very big but hard to get. They all want the same things: to change their lives, stand up for themselves and have dreams. The film tells two simultaneous stories: the struggle of everyday life, maintaining honour, passion and being proud; all that to reach the goal. And of the determination which finally makes their dreams come true. They eventually intersect in this Polish miniature that has been compared in structure and spirit to Robert Altman’s Short Cuts or Paul Anderson’s Magnolia.