Where Do Wild Strawberries Grow?

Gdzie rosną poziomki?, 2006, 52 min.

Where Do Wild Strawberries Grow? (2006)


Director Anna Ferens
Screenplay Anna Ferens
Cinematography Jozef Szymura
Music Piotr Majchrzak
Producer Ryszard Urbaniak
In the forest outside of Kiev there is a burial ground of some 30,000 people murdered by the Soviets between 1937-1941. Thousands of Poles are buried among them. In 2006 Polish archaeologists were allowed to carry out research in this unexplored site for the first time. The documentary tells the story of the place, including the memories and the point of view of the local Ukrainian population. It also outlines the quest of Krystyna and Jan to find the graves of their fathers, who had disappeared during the war.