Wladyslaw Pasikowski

Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Director and screept writer. Born in 1959 in Łódź. Studied theory of culture at the Łódź University. Graduated film directing from the Film School in Łódź (1989). Director of best box office films of the ninetieth. He establish him self as a director of strong and mannish films. In 2014 reseived Best Director Award at the Gdynie Film Festival for Jack Strong.
2014 Jack Strong
2012 Aftermath (Pokłosie)
2001 Reich
1999 Operation Samum (Operacja Samum)
1998 Demons of War after Goya (Demony wojny według Goi)
1996 Bitter-Sweet (Słodko – gorzki)
1993 The Pigs 2 The Last Blood (Psy 2. Ostatnia krew)
1992 The Pigs (Psy)
1991 Kroll