Wojtek Wawszczyk

Wojtek Wawszczyk
Director, screenwriter. Graduate of the Łódź Film School and the German Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Since his first short films have called attention and won awards around the world, Wojtek has gained experience in the animation industry for more than a decade. Working as an animator for the Disney productions I, Robot and Aeon Flux, he has developed a profound understanding for animation as a commercial product, and has been merging this approach with his artistic vision ever since. He works as a director, animator, writer, cartoonist, teacher and music composer. Since 2011, he is one of the creative directors of the Human Ark studio.
2013 Casparade (Kacperiada)
2010 George the Hedgehog (Jeż Jerzy)
2008 The Splinter (Drzazga)
2004 Fight Club
2002 Fly-Away Penguin (Pingwin)
2001 Maus (Mysz)
1999 Headless