Women Power

Siłaczki, 2018, 70 min.

Women Power (2018)

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Directors Marta Dzido & Piotr Sliwowski
Screenplay Marta Dzido
Cinematography Michal Wisniewski, Szymon Sinoff
Music Grzegorz Matrecki
Producer Marta Dzido & Piotr Sliwowski
Maria Dulebianka Maria Seweryn
Paulina Kuczalska-Reinschmidt Klara Bielawka
Justyna Budzinska-Tylicka Marta Ojrzynska
Zofia Daszynska-Golinska Jelena Dadu
Kazimiera Bujwidowa Marta Kondraciuk
Zofia Tulodziecka Katarzyna Wala
Aniela Tulodziecka Malgorzata Dembinska
Zofia Nalkowska Anna Prus
Narcyza Zmichowska Alina Czyzewska
Cecylia Walewska Daria Bazydlo-Egier
Voice of Cecylia Walewska Katarzyna Nowak
We are humans and we demand human rights!—argued Kazimiera Bujwidowa, an advocate for women’s right to enter into universities. Let us dare to be free!—encouraged Maria Dulebianka, the first female candidate for the Polish parliament back when women had no voting rights. We want all there is to life!—exclaimed Zofia Nalkowska as she demanded equality both in political matters and in relation to social customs. No differences between the sexes!—demanded Paulina Kuczalska who was called the pope of feminism, and not without a reason. They fought for their rights in a non-existent country. They were told: It’s not the time for women’s rights! But they rejected the idea of independent Poland without independent Polish women. Fightresses, patriots, activists, soldiers, suffragettes—they are the protagonists of the dramadoc Women Power (Siłaczki) about their year-long fight for the woman. Because—as Zofia Daszynska-Golinska exclaimed in 1911 during a march of emancipationists held in Krakow: Rights are never granted! Rights have to be seized!