Women’s Day

Dzień kobiet, 2012, 90 min.

Women's Day (2012)

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Director Maria Sadowska
Screenplay Katarzyna Terechowicz, Maria Sadowska
Cinematography Radoslaw Ladczuk
Music Maria Sadowska
Art Director Joanna Kaczynska
Producers Jacek Bromski, Dariusz Gajewski,
Ewa Jastrzebska


Halina Katarzyna Kwiatkowska
Eryk, Halina’s Boss Eryk Lubos
Misia, Halina’s Daughter Julia Czuraj
Halina’s Mother Grazyna Barszczewska
Jadzia Anita Jancia
Maryla Dorota Kolak
Andzelika Klara Bielawka
Anie Ewa Konstancja Bulhak
Teacher Maria Seweryn
Instruktor Bartlomiej Firlej


Halina, a modest cashier in a chain store is dreaming of a better life for herself and her gifted 13 years old daughter – Misia. She soon gets her chance as Halina becomes the store manager. She discovers that the price for a higher salary and a better standard of living is dishonesty, manipulation and deceit. She turns from victim to villain to her former cashier friends. She is so consumed with her work that she fails to notice her daughter’s addiction to computer games. She will soon have to start her journey for forgiveness…