Yoko Ono’s Cups

Fliżanki Yoko Ono, 2009, 22 min.

Yoko Ono's Cups (2014)

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Director Andrzej Mankowski
Screenplay Andrzej Mankowski
(based On The Short Story”yoko Ono’s Cups“ [filizanki Yoko Ono] by Gabriela Bedkowska)
Cinematography Krzysztof Kowalski
Music Tomasz Stroynowski
Art Director Alicja Sabina Czuprynska
Producer Andrzej Mankowski


Janka Kornelia Angowska
Sara Edyta Lukaszewicz-lisowska
Slawek Marcin Bortkiewicz
Zbigniew, Janka’s Father Krzysztof Kiersznowski
Wanda, Mother Monika Gozdzik

The Decalogue 89+ (Dekalog 89+)

19-year-old Janka comes from a catholic family. She lives together with her parents in a small town near the eastern border of Poland. One day she meets an eccentric Russian woman–Sara. The feeling that is awoken as a result of the encounter becomes for Janka both the beginning of sequence of trials and reflections upon her own life. The film corresponds to the Ninth Commandment: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.