Zbigniew Gajzler

Zbigniew Gajzler

Film director, scriptwriter, producer and cinematographer. Graduated from the National Film School in Lodz with a degree in Cinematography. Founder of Macrofilm, an independent film production company. Both documentaries Maestro and Sarid (Judaica Award, Sofia Bulgaria and Red David’s Star Award, Australia) were presented at prestigious Camerimage. He was awarded by the Minister of Culture the Medal for Merit to Polish Culture, lifetime achievement award from the Mayor of the city of Lodz for contribution to arts and culture and Siberian Exiles Cross for the movie Exiled to Siberia.

2018 I Love Life
2014 At the Border (Na granicy)
2012 Marathon Man (Maratończyk)
2009 Exiled to Siberia (Skazani na Sybir)
2007 Maestro
2005 Sarid
2002 Eduard Julius Vortheil, Dreams of a Photography Pioneer